16 Nov

They have you covered, Adam!

It’s hard to believe that just over two years ago, I got a beta-reader copy of Adam Christopher’s Empire State. This was before it found a home with Angry Robot Books, reading that early version I had no doubt it would find a home quickly. Since then Empire State and Adam’s second book, Seven Wonders, have both seen print and well deserved praise. Today Adam revealed the cover for his third novel, a sequel to Empire State, called The Atomic Age.

I know it looks like I’m leading into a review of Adam Christopher’s works, but I wanted to comment on what readers, potential buyers see first when they pick up a copy of one of his books: the cover. I like design, I specifically like good cover design. It makes all the difference in marketing a book, and while many will say it’s not as important as it once was when the marketplace was purely what you saw on the shelves, I completely disagree. The only tool we have to make that five second decision in whatever online shopping venue you choose is the thumbnail of the cover. Not only are the covers stylish, visually evocative, they look just as good as a thumbnail as they do wrapped around the printed text.

No need to babble anymore. Just look at these covers and tell me you’re not sold?

And I should note that these fantastic covers were designed by Will Staehle who also has done covers for A. Lee Martinez books from Orbit Books. Yeah, I don’t just read crime fiction.