Reflection of Attitudes

Well folks, this is the last Throwback Thursday. No more, unless I find another stash of lost works. So I guess I can’t say never, but pretty close.

There are other poems, but most that are left are derivative of the ones I posted.

Tonight’s poem started out as a homage to Walt Witman’s “Song of Myself” and then it took a detour. This is also a published piece, or so I was told. My mother had taken it to work and a co-worker liked enough that she asked if she could put it in her newsletter for the local chapter of the NAACP. I was flattered obviously. Pretty fly for a white guy.

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Love (poem)

Come on everybody, show me your back back for throwback Thursday.  Amazingly, I still have poems to rummage through in my vault of horror. This week is one that was published in 1987 in “Listen: A Book of Poetry and Prose.” That was a publication put out by my alma mater, George Washington High School.

It’s sappy, and I really really wish that wordpress handled formatting better.

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The Cat Piano (animation)

My wife showed me this animated short from Down Under. I meant to post this earlier, so I’m sure everyone has seen “The Cat Piano” since it’s perfect to go viral. It’s a beautiful bit of animation and a taunting tail … er … tale.

Untitled (poem)

I had been working in my mind all week on a poem I felt I needed to write. I know I have all the parts but as I tried to put it to words, I couldn’t get the pieces to fit. So I will have to wait to post that poem another day.

I was going to let this weeks Throwback Thursday pass, but I was urged otherwise. I said today’s poem was going to be special, so I found something special. Well at least something interactive in that this poem from my past is untitled. So after you read it, I want you to tell me what you think the title should be.

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A tale of two cats

As long as I can remember, I’ve been a cat guy. I like dogs well enough, don’t get me wrong, but cats have a special magic about them. I’ve had and been around cats most of my 40 years. One thing I’ve never had to deal with is their deaths. I’ve always been away or not involve during the actual passing.

In the past 5 days I have lost two cats: Buddy, a wedding gift to my wife, and Kiki, a stray kittenless Siamese.

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The Fruits of War (poem)

I found a few more of my lost gems. Many of the poems seem redundant, I guess that’s the phase I was in. Common themes back in the late 80’s, towards the end of my high school career on the precipice of adulthood, mostly dealing with war, annihilation, racism, hate and an occassional possitive piece.

I don’t think I need to give this one much introduction or explaination. It’s about War, what is it good for?

Welcome back to Throwback Thursday.

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