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On The Sly – Friday Audio

I won’t lie to you. Maybe I’m not the only insecure writer out there, but sometimes (most times) I don’t take the positive comments posted on the blog at face value. I want to believe them, but part of me thinks they’re just being nice. Kind. Throwing me a bone.

If so I don’t mind, really. It gives me a nice boost in ego and pushes me to write the next story. And I hope the next story will be better, bigger, more complex and enjoyable. I enjoy writing. I think I’m not a bad writer. So when I put the stories out there the ego needs to be feed.

So I’m insecure and greedy.

Today I got something from a fellow writer, a friend from the podcasting world. It floored me. Made me smile so wide I feared the top of my head would just zip off. It was genuine. Honest. My ego meter is so full I might be happy for a full week without even needing a single comment.

David Sobkowiak recorded my bit of flash fiction “On The Sly” along with Laura Frechette (thankfully doing the voice of Carrie Llewellyn). They did a great job which obviously compounded the thrill for me.

I could keep this all to myself, but though I may be greedy, I am not selfish.


David told me to expect another surprise. I plan on posting that next week. Perhaps on Friday. Maybe sooner to save myself from exploding.

David, Laura, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

Please check out David and Laura’s links below.
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Father’s Day – Flash Fiction

It’s another one of those crazy writing challenges. This one instigated by writer Chuck Wendig over at Terrible Minds, his writing life blog. He’s a little on the crazy side in an insanely good way.

Chuck put together a wild t-shirt with his crazy bearded face and laser beams coming out of his eyes. It reads “My Beard Comes So Fat, I Wanna Do Laser.” The challenge was to use the second half of the shirt slogan in a 1000 word bit of flash fiction or make it into a funny graphic for an internet meme. You got bonus points if you used the first half too.

As contrived as the contest is, I would assume the bulk of the entries would be funny or light. I can do funny, but I’d rather not.

Enjoy my contribution.

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Just Another Hero – Flash Fiction

No contest, no prizes, no ulterior motive. Just needed to write a quick short, and hopefully you guys will like. It’s a bit longer than previous stories, 2400 words, so I’ll start it after the cut.