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Tyrus Books, Concord Free Press and the Gift of Reading

Gift giving is an important part of this time of year, the Christmas Season, or at least it should be. Yes, we all love receiving gifts replete with mysterious anxiety, orgasmic joy and potential disappointment. It’s a test of our mettle to see just how well we know each other.

Unfortunately for some, many in fact during our current dismal economy, gift giving isn’t as adventurous as we’d like it to be. Pockets aren’t as deep and the savings are pretty bare. So when the opportunity to give, and receive, is available it shouldn’t be squandered.

In my opinion, the best gift you can give someone is the gift of reading. This in and of itself isn’t just about giving books, but giving, passing on, the joy of reading. It can’t be a forced thing, though. Most of 1977 I was indentured to reading because my mother, an avid reader since 4 years old, thought I didn’t read enough. It didn’t take initially, but she did manage to pass the love of reading on.

Anyway, the gift of reading …

Had Tyrus Books not already been my favorite publisher of 2010, giving us books like Seth Harwood‘s YOUNG JUNIUS, Victor Gischler‘s THE DEPUTY and Reed Farrel Coleman‘s INNOCENT MONSTER, the initiative that Ben LeRoy offered pushed Tyrus Books right over the top.

This holiday season you can choose any book from the Tyrus library (if available) and Tyrus Books will send it to a recipient of your choice within the US and Canada. No strings attached. You can read it in full detail at Tyrus Books.

If you ask me, it’s really a great deal. Quality books from Tyrus library sent as a gift and all you’re out is a saw buck, if that.

Scott Phillips, no relation to myself, recently published RUT from Concord Free Press. I’ve been told this a smart, funny and sometimes horrifying book about a dystopian future. It’s gotten some great reviews and it’s on my list to buy.

But wait, you can’t buy RUT at the bookstore or from Amazon, or anywhere at all. You can’t buy RUT. It’s a free book.

Free you ask? Yes, F-R-E-E!

Concord Free Press publishes one title at a time for free. When they’re gone, they’re gone. A catch, you ask? Not really, but yes, Concord Free Press does ask something of you.

From their charity of a free book, they ask that you pass it on. Like that creepy kid from SIXTH SENSE who went on to smoke pot and wreck his care, but is now in college and doing OK. I’m sure he’ll return to acting soon enough.

So, yes, the free book isn’t exactly a free ride. They ask that you take the money, or more, that you would have spent on the book and donate it, pass it on, to a cause or charity of your choosing. When you’re done reading the book, pass that on too.

Give the gift of reading.

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“Fish Stew” and other edibles

I haven’t posted much lately, which doesn’t make this blog all that interesting to most, I aim to change that in the new year. Like with with most of my writing I need to do more of it.

I’m sure I didn’t mention it here, particularly, but Christopher Grant, the mind behind A Twist of Noir (ATON), announced a challenge in early Fall and I accepted. ATON has been publishing some of the finest bits of fiction on the web, nearly 600 stories by the time Grant got a marvelous idea. For the next hundred and one stories, 600 – 700, contributors would have to match the word count to the post count. I opted to write two stories, so for story 641 I had to write a story exactly 641 words. And I did.

“Fish Stew” published today. I guess this technically is my first non-self-published story. I’ve posted quite a few stories these last few months thanks to prompting from Steve Weddle, Patti Abbott and my own workings with Flash Fiction Friday.

Hopefully it will be received well. My next story for the ATON 600-700 challenge is story called “Killing Hope.” I’ve got a few drafts down, but well over the 672 my story is required to be. When I’m done, I should be a killer.

Speaking of Steve Weddle, Steve has put the finishing touches on the Winter Edition of NEEDLE: A Magazine of Noir. It promises to be great one with the first part of an ongoing serial by Ray Banks and stories by Anthony Neil Smith, Kieron Shea and quick up-and-comer Matthew McBride. I put my order in, and you can too. You can even save the cost of shipping by using promo code: HOLIDAY305.

I was laid up a bit the last couple days, so I spent it reading some shorts online. I especially got caught up in the work of Ian Ayris, a Londoner, who writes this bloody brilliant twisted tales. I been gobbling them up over at Pulp Metal Magazine. I don’t what I like better the completely British names of his protagonists or the twisted endings? My favorite has to be “Cold” about poor Jonathan Sideboard, his stony father and an old bike. Actually what I love the best is the language. Spot on as they say.

Will try to post more. If I don’t before Christmas hits, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!