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The game show, or what you won today.

So you want to be a millionaire? Me too. But it’s not going to happen, sorry.

A couple days ago I gave people a chance on Facebook and Twitter, and the crazy people who follow my site in the glimmer of hope I’ll post something new and interesting, and I did, to win a copy of Shotgun Honey Presents: Both Barrels.

I wanted you to post a weird comment, and well they weren’t really weird, except the one from my Father-in-Law who suggested I divorce his daughter. Boy after 19 years, that joke never gets old. Leon, you know you’ll get one, you’re family. (Just be warned, I didn’t write anything for the anthology)

Weird or not, it was more successful than my last book give away. So I need to chose from one of you lucky 7. Well actually, just one of you is lucky.

So hand in hat, fingers wiggle around, and the lucky bastard is…

Mystery Dawg!

I’ll be contacting you soon, Aldo.

So unfortunately you other 6 aren’t winners, but to make it up to you and the multitude of followers, that’d be … oh, just the 6 of you. Anyway, today is the launch day for my buddy and co-editor Chad Rohrbacher’s Karma Backlash from those good people at Snubnose Press. And you can buy it now on Amazon for just $4.99. A steal. Want some more incentive, read the virtual dust jacket.

His name is Derby Ballard and he’s a worn-down blue-collar gangster in a white-collar world. While studying the worn picture of his ex-girlfriend his best friend Reece tells him to move on, get over it, quit whining; he’s the smart one and always has good advice. Derby’s on the verge of taking Reece’s recommendation and shoving his hefty nest egg in a suitcase and flying out to a place with warm sun and soft sand. He thinks he’ll drink beers with lime wedges while listening to waves.

And then Reece’s head explodes in front of him.

It’s amazing what a murdered friend can do to a directionless man, the passion and anger it can stoke, the sadness it fires into a body, the need for good old revenge it nurtures.

Searching for his best friend’s killer, Derby uncovers the beginning of a complicated mob war that threatens to bring down the whole city.

Even as the cops lean on him to stop the impending violence, rumors swirl that his own boss killed Reece for being a traitor to the family.

Of course, being attracted to his boss’s daughter doesn’t simplify matters.

To find the answers he needs, Derby tries to stay focused: Find the killer. Clear his friend’s name. Stop a war. Don’t fall in love.

He traverses Toledo, a city that grows old with him, unearths secrets his boss and his boss’s daughter don’t want exposed, and hopes to find that man he used to be before his mid-life crisis becomes the last crisis he ever experiences.

KARMA BACKLASH is literary crime thriller in the vein of Victor Gischler’s GUN MONKEYS jammed with fast action, dark humor, and intrigue.

So, give Chad’s book a chance. He promises that Jamie Farr hasn’t been injured in any way within the pages of Karma Backlash. I can’t say the same for Derby.

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Seven and counting

I’ve been horribly absent from this blog space this year, racking up a total of 6 posts this year, not including this one. So this is number 7, but that’s not what the title of this post implies, just a nice coincidink. No this year hasn’t been stellar, and I mean the last 12 months not just the year 2012. I’m still hopeful for the year to end up with a nice ending flourish. I try to keep those rose colored glasses at hand.

So we’re looking for the good side, a little something to keep Ol’ Ron smiling.

As you know, you do know right? About the book? No I didn’t write a book, I’m saving that for Mister Lucky 13. About the anthology I produced, published and co-edited with Kent, Sabrina and Chad. Both Barrels?

Not ringing any bells? I really need to keep you folks in the loop. Sorry.

Well back when Shotgun Honey turned a year old, I might have mentioned that we were going to be putting out a companion anthology for our website. We had open submissions, invited submissions and even commissioned an artist–because lets be honest you didn’t want me slinging text on a blank canvas.

So in the just less than 6 months since I announcing a Shotgun Honey Presents anthology, which became Shotgun Honey Presents: Both Barrels thanks to Rob Kitchin (You won!), we managed to pull it off and the print copies will be available for sale on October 2, 2012. Kindle editions, hopefully on or around that date. It’s a process.

So if you can do rudimentary math, or have access to a calendar, the 2nd is just 7 days away, and count… backwards… to release day. 7 days! Yay!

Getting down to brass tax… or is that tacks? It’s the latter for those who want to learn the proper phrase. So, the brass tacks of the issue. I want to give one person the opportunity to get a free print copy, and with hope before the release date. That pesky shipping, you know?

So what do you have to do to win your free copy? I’m going to make it easy on you, post a wacky comment below. No vulgarities and sorry contributors, this ain’t for you. You have until I wake up on Thursday, which is about 5:30 am EST.

So have at it!