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Ode to a Blue Jean Jacket (poem)

Amazingly, I found a poem I wrote in 87, possibly earlier, dedicated to my favorite 80’s attire, the blue jean jacket. I actually had a spring/fall denim and a winter denim. Ah those were the days. Anyway, it’s a possitive poem, not negative or dark. Surprised?

Ode to a Blue Jean Jacket

My friend you are there
In rain, sleet or snow.
Summertime is near.
Sadly meaning your time to go.

You were a shadow and a symbol
Following me everywhere.
You have a style about you
That was acceptable to wear.

Our parting shall be brief,
In three months we shall see
Changes have been made
But you’ll always stay with me.

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Heart of Town (poem)

“Heart of Town” was written somewhere between 1988-1989. No date on the print out, but those were the years I was most productive. This poem is somewhat sing-songy, though like most of my poems kind of dark, a bit brooding, and a bit naive. Some of the rhyme and rhythm is forced. I chose this poem because today while I was walking during lunch through town it came back to me. Reference to “snow” is pretty dated. I guess if I were writing it today, I’d have to use crystal instead.

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Ol’ Black Bird (poem)

Another poem this week. Probably more to come through the summer. I had thought about recording it. Dabbled with it a few times Tuesday, but no time tonight.  Anyway, I wrote “Ol’ Black Bird” back in 1987, May 28th if I can believe the faded dot matrix.

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Final Thoughts (poem)

Excuse this bit of intro, but this is the first of many Throwback Thursdays I hope to do. Every Thursday I’m going to dig into my creative vault and republish some old work I’ve had locked away in a drawer. Maybe a short story, maybe a poem, maybe even some long lost art. Who knows until Thursday hits what I might post.

Today takes us back to September 2nd 1987. My senior year of highschool I had a very encouraging English teacher, Mrs. Smith, who discovered I liked to write poetry. The praise she would give fed my desire to create it and I carried on doing it for a while after I graduated. Many of the poems I wrote during this time were dark and socially oriented.

“Final Thoughts” was written after I graduated and I don’t think it needs much more introduction.