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The Greenhorn Redux

Five months ago, just shy, I participated in one of writing zenfoodu Chuck Wendig’s writing challenges. A string of five words which included: “Figure”, “Dusk”, “Flirt”, “Mobile Phone”, “Wig”. Minds being the way they are, and mine meanders quite a bit, I instantly thought of writing a Western.

As long as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of the Western, at least in the TV and Movie format. I even took a stab at Louis L’Amour because I had a serious man-crush on both Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott. And of course there was ol’ squint-eyed Clint and his Spaghetti Westerns, and then his astounding The Outlaw Josey Wales and The Unforgiven.

From F-Troop to the Gunfight At The O.K. Corral, I was mesmerized by the Western in all its forms.

I had never written it. Not a Western story in my repertoire, until Wendig’s challenge. And even then due to the word usage, I turned it around at the end and cheated.

Ever since though, especially with the original comments, I’ve wanted to revisit writing a Western. A true Western and not something with a fandangled twist at the end. The thought lingers.

This morning those thoughts were amplified when a good friend, Ray Dillon, who in his own right is a talented renaissance man who can write as equally well as he can draw and perform miraculous feats of digital art, sent me a link to my story, The Greenhorn, that he on a whim narrated.

I know I might be biased, but it’s a pretty good story to hear and Ray reads it well. Well except for pronouncing Godot. 😉 And his natural Kansas twang was perfect for this reading.

Go have  a listen. It’s a good 5 minutes.

Leave him a comment and then come back and let me know if I should tackle a Western story head on?

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On The Sly – Friday Audio

I won’t lie to you. Maybe I’m not the only insecure writer out there, but sometimes (most times) I don’t take the positive comments posted on the blog at face value. I want to believe them, but part of me thinks they’re just being nice. Kind. Throwing me a bone.

If so I don’t mind, really. It gives me a nice boost in ego and pushes me to write the next story. And I hope the next story will be better, bigger, more complex and enjoyable. I enjoy writing. I think I’m not a bad writer. So when I put the stories out there the ego needs to be feed.

So I’m insecure and greedy.

Today I got something from a fellow writer, a friend from the podcasting world. It floored me. Made me smile so wide I feared the top of my head would just zip off. It was genuine. Honest. My ego meter is so full I might be happy for a full week without even needing a single comment.

David Sobkowiak recorded my bit of flash fiction “On The Sly” along with Laura Frechette (thankfully doing the voice of Carrie Llewellyn). They did a great job which obviously compounded the thrill for me.

I could keep this all to myself, but though I may be greedy, I am not selfish.


David told me to expect another surprise. I plan on posting that next week. Perhaps on Friday. Maybe sooner to save myself from exploding.

David, Laura, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

Please check out David and Laura’s links below.