Ain’t no Social Media Experts here

When Twitter hit in 2006 and became popular in 2007, I didn’t get it. And I swore I didn’t want it.

People posting notes about what they’re doing, where they are, who they’re doing … okay, while I know some probably do post that last one, thankfully I don’t have twitter pals who are that open. Not like Gabe who tweets his poop.

But there I was in 2008, two years late to the party signing up as @netizenron (later to changed to @RonEarl). I had succumbed. At first I still didn’t get it. But everyone wanted me to be their friends and half of everyone was a “Social Media Expert.”

I want to just take a moment from my well meaning post about Social Media to publicly call out the “Social Media Experts” — bullshit! There isn’t such a beast. If there is, they are overrun with bullshit artists. So if someone tries to sell you on that service, just back off and say no thanks.

So I quickly learned that a majority of the people who were following me, weren’t interested in me, just my number. To add to their social clout. I was just a number. So I pruned the “Experts” and the Twitter Pr0n (though Twitter does that automatically every now and again).

What did that leave me with? Friends, colleagues and hopefully people who were interested in me.

I typically follow writers and artists, as well as comics and websites that interest me. I know social media is a numbers game.

I see it for example when sci-fi thriller author, Scott Sigler, releases BLOOD IS RED, a short story collection, on the Kindle and without haste marches up to the #1 position in the books related category. Sigler has a massive following and a single tweet is a short term gold rush. Of course it help that he is a fantastic writer.

Also Scott Kurtz of the insanely popular PVP comic, along with Kris Straub, posted about drumming up funding for a web show. The funding was promoted through Kickstarter and because of their social media clout they hit their $50,000 goal in 4 days.

In both cases, Kurtz and Sigler have a legion of fans who are interested in their product. They haven’t acquired these followers simply by follow-back but because they have been consistently good at what they produce.

It’s not simply the followers that make social media work. I could if I wanted to play the numbers game, go out and follow insane amount of strangers hoping that they cross my demographic needs. That they will be interested in listening when I have something to shill.

I guess I prefer quality over quantity. I’d love to have the clout of Kurtz and Sigler, but I know that is equal to my quality and the goods I produce.

I can be a pimp or a producer, not necessarily exclusive, but I’d rather be a producer.

Oh, and yes, I know that Twitter is just one of many social outlets. This post is a form of Social Media. You googled, twittered or facebooked to find it. And I bet you took at least one of the links included in this post.