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The game show, or what you won today.

So you want to be a millionaire? Me too. But it’s not going to happen, sorry.

A couple days ago I gave people a chance on Facebook and Twitter, and the crazy people who follow my site in the glimmer of hope I’ll post something new and interesting, and I did, to win a copy of Shotgun Honey Presents: Both Barrels.

I wanted you to post a weird comment, and well they weren’t really weird, except the one from my Father-in-Law who suggested I divorce his daughter. Boy after 19 years, that joke never gets old. Leon, you know you’ll get one, you’re family. (Just be warned, I didn’t write anything for the anthology)

Weird or not, it was more successful than my last book give away. So I need to chose from one of you lucky 7. Well actually, just one of you is lucky.

So hand in hat, fingers wiggle around, and the lucky bastard is…

Mystery Dawg!

I’ll be contacting you soon, Aldo.

So unfortunately you other 6 aren’t winners, but to make it up to you and the multitude of followers, that’d be … oh, just the 6 of you. Anyway, today is the launch day for my buddy and co-editor Chad Rohrbacher’s Karma Backlash from those good people at Snubnose Press. And you can buy it now on Amazon for just $4.99. A steal. Want some more incentive, read the virtual dust jacket.

His name is Derby Ballard and he’s a worn-down blue-collar gangster in a white-collar world. While studying the worn picture of his ex-girlfriend his best friend Reece tells him to move on, get over it, quit whining; he’s the smart one and always has good advice. Derby’s on the verge of taking Reece’s recommendation and shoving his hefty nest egg in a suitcase and flying out to a place with warm sun and soft sand. He thinks he’ll drink beers with lime wedges while listening to waves.

And then Reece’s head explodes in front of him.

It’s amazing what a murdered friend can do to a directionless man, the passion and anger it can stoke, the sadness it fires into a body, the need for good old revenge it nurtures.

Searching for his best friend’s killer, Derby uncovers the beginning of a complicated mob war that threatens to bring down the whole city.

Even as the cops lean on him to stop the impending violence, rumors swirl that his own boss killed Reece for being a traitor to the family.

Of course, being attracted to his boss’s daughter doesn’t simplify matters.

To find the answers he needs, Derby tries to stay focused: Find the killer. Clear his friend’s name. Stop a war. Don’t fall in love.

He traverses Toledo, a city that grows old with him, unearths secrets his boss and his boss’s daughter don’t want exposed, and hopes to find that man he used to be before his mid-life crisis becomes the last crisis he ever experiences.

KARMA BACKLASH is literary crime thriller in the vein of Victor Gischler’s GUN MONKEYS jammed with fast action, dark humor, and intrigue.

So, give Chad’s book a chance. He promises that Jamie Farr hasn’t been injured in any way within the pages of Karma Backlash. I can’t say the same for Derby.

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Shotgun Honey – What a Blast!

Late March of 2011, Kent Gowran, a writer and fellow lover of crime fiction, who I barely knew, spawned an idea to start up a new webzine called Shotgun Honey. My closest friends will tell you I’d been playing with the idea of a webzine myself, each of them discouraging me against taking on such a project. They wanted me to write. And to be honest, I’m a great starter, but I have problems with follow through. But you know what, if I wasn’t going to start my own webzine, then maybe I’ll ask this stranger if he needed any help. Damn it, if Kent didn’t take me up on my offer.

We posted the first story on Blogger, April 6, 2011. You might remember it, “Two-Phones” by Dan O’Shea. It was a Wednesday. We followed it up with the Spinetingler nominated “Disney Noir” by Peter Farris on Friday. The next week would bring “Fucking Liars” by Allan Guthrie on Monday, “Herman Dog Digs” by Anthony Neil Smith on Wednesday and “Treacherous Road – Part 2” by newcomer Anthony Schiavino on Friday.

Monday. Wednesday. Friday.

We posted stories like that for a majority of the year, missing a couple holidays or during a handful of weeks where we only published two a week.

I’ve read so many great stories, shorts, all mostly under 700 words. Yeah, crazy short, flash fiction. Lean, mean and oh so clean.

We’ve been honored to publish over 150 stories from more than 90 different authors, from all around the world.

I’m personally honored to call many of those authors my friends. And my fellow editors — Kent Gowran, Sabrina Ogden and rookie Chad Rohrbacher — are practically family. Truth. I know more about that trio than I do my own sister.

Somewhere during the last year, I decided it’d be cool to interview some of these contributors, and some writers I wanted to be contributors — which I’m batting a big fat zero on. So periodically I throw down a “How’d You Get the Gun?” interview. Have some interesting prospects coming up with Nigel Bird, Heath Lowrance, Frank Wheeler Jr and Peter Farris. They will be joining the ranks of Dan O’Shea, Frank Bill, John Rector, Matthew C Funk, Ray Banks, Anthony Neil Smith and Chris F. Holm. And I’m sure there will more.

It’s been a blast of a year helping Kent, Sabrina and now Chad run and maintain Shotgun Honey.

What could year two bring? How about an opportunity for our authors to go bigger? Way BIGGER!

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be producing, with plenty of support from Kent, Sabrina, and Chad, the first Shotgun Honey Anthology to be released this Fall in print and e-book. It will be big, and those of you who fear the 700 word count will have a chance to go bigger, up to 5000 words. More details to follow on Shotgun Honey. So keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for reading, contributing and supporting Shotgun Honey.

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No Good Deed – Flash Fiction

Caught mention from Steve Weddle of a contest today being held by Chad Rohrbacher to win Victor Gischler’s THE DEPUTY plus some of his Deadpool work for Marvel Comics. In usual fashion, I didn’t find out about the contest until entry’s were closed. The contest required work less than 1500 words and either had to have a crime angle or superhero angle. So that got the wheels rolling and thought I’d throw together something quick during lunch.