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F3 – Cycle 1 – Mary Lou’s Lost Shoe

I’ve Tweeted and Facebooked about starting up Flash Fiction Friday last week, but hadn’t mention here on the Between Blog. Basically, I guess because I want F3 to be about the stories and the contributors, and not me.

Cycle 1 submissions were a little slow, so I decided to see if I could get the first story prompt to work for me.

I’ll admit. After I posted the first F3 prompt, “Why aren’t shoes ever abandoned in pairs?” I was pretty apprehensive. I had done a story years ago, in college, about the lone shoe on a highway phenomena. I got an A, but thinking back on it, it was a pretty miserable story. Not tone, it was just bad.

So last night, and way early this morning. I wrote “Mary Lou’s Lost Shoe.”

I hope you enjoy. Be sure to leave me comments, critiques.


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Father’s Day – Flash Fiction

It’s another one of those crazy writing challenges. This one instigated by writer Chuck Wendig over at Terrible Minds, his writing life blog. He’s a little on the crazy side in an insanely good way.

Chuck put together a wild t-shirt with his crazy bearded face and laser beams coming out of his eyes. It reads “My Beard Comes So Fat, I Wanna Do Laser.” The challenge was to use the second half of the shirt slogan in a 1000 word bit of flash fiction or make it into a funny graphic for an internet meme. You got bonus points if you used the first half too.

As contrived as the contest is, I would assume the bulk of the entries would be funny or light. I can do funny, but I’d rather not.

Enjoy my contribution.

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On the Sly – Flash Fiction

I guess Mondays are the day of the week when story contests and challenges are due. Now if I could just discover when they are set, and maybe I could honestly enter.

Again from Steve Weddle I found out about a flash fiction challenge being held by Patti Abbott called Sweet Dreams. 1000 word max and must include a red head in a blue dress. The idea came quick enough, putting it to paper took a little longer.