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Book’d: Witness to Death by Dave White

Do you dream?

That’s rhetorical, we all do. Not many remember their dreams or their nocturnal journeys to the center of their Id. I do and it’s been a wonderful source for my writing. And not uncommon my dreams are sculpted, made malleable by the events of the day. Influenced. Hijacked.

This is generally because the mind is unwilling to let go.

I read before I sleep. So if ever you read something of mine that is familiar, I apologize. It was subconscious.

The other night I dreamed of New Jersey. Of fleeing for my life on unfamiliar trains, slow boating ferries and in unfamiliar territory. I was on the run. Wanted for murder. I didn’t do it. I was the fall guy. How would I survive, clear myself? How?

I’ve never been to Jersey. Or on a subway train. And I was only wanted for murder that one time — you know how that is. Before going to bed, I had started reading Dave White’s WITNESS TO DEATH.

Not to give Dave a swelled head. Have you seen his mugshot? He doesn’t need it. But I don’t always have this reaction to reading a book. But there I was in my dream state living the life of John Brighton, White’s protagonist, and on the run. And generally, this means what I’ve read had an impact and I was only a few bytes into the book.

Yes, I said bytes. WITNESS TO DEATH is an ebook, available on the Kindle and the Nook for a mere 99 cents. And that folks is a steal. It would be a steal at $2.99, and probably $4.99. You could say it’s worth every byte.

Since that first dream invading night, I’ve nickle and dimed my way through WITNESS TO DEATH. Oh, I would have loved to read it all in a sitting, but time is tight right now, and by the time I got to the end, I was glad to take it slow.

This is Dave White’s 3rd novel, first stand alone. His first two books WHEN ONE MAN DIES and THE EVIL THAT MEN DO featuring Jackson Donne are likewise available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I’m remiss to admit I haven’t read them yet, but after finishing WITNESS TO DEATH, I think it’s about time.