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Flash Fiction Mondays

I tweeted last week asking what people would think of a Flash Fiction Friday section to my site. Not much reaction. Hey I get it, I’m just a regular Joe who likes to sometimes write. And I’ve got a following of about 3 people. That’s including myself. :/

I do like to write, and someday I hope to make it pay. But nobody’s going to pay if they’ve never heard or read me. So while I write, submitting to various venues for short and long fiction, I’m going to give people a chance to read me for FREE.

OK, not exactly FREE. I do want something from you. I want comments. And if you feel capable or inclined criticism. It’s inspires me and good criticism I hope will improve me. So can you do that for me? A little tit for tat?

To make it easy for you, I’ve set up a special page to link to all the available stories:

Since the first two stories posted on Mondays, I’m going to continue that most every Monday.

Hope to see you Mondays. Till then, Good Reading!