2010 and 52 books

Wow, 2010 already. Really?

2009 just seemed to whip by, and sure enough if I blink 2010 will too. I don’t want 2010 to be 2009. It wasn’t a horrible year if you look past the whole recession thing. OK, maybe that’s just too massive to side step and look beyond. Casa de Phillips wasn’t rocking on streets of gold, but thankfully we managed to stay solvent.

But in 2009 I had plans to finish my novel TERMINAL, but it unfortunately kind of stalled. Jake Norman just stopped talking to me. I’m hoping we get to talking again in 2010 so I can finish that story. It’s a good one.

This year I’ve “met” many interesting and supportive people, most, who are writers as well or at creative types. Looking through their eyes, I’ve come to re-evaluate what it is I want to do accomplish and how I’m going to go about accomplishing it. The key is to just do it. Whether it’s writing, drawing, or even fixing up things around the house. Thinking about it isn’t going to get it done.

A friend of mine’s motto for 2010 is “FORWARD.” Mine is “DO IT!”

Sure I stole that from Nike. But it’s an honest motto or slogan.

I’ve got a lot of goals for 2010, not resolutions, but goals. I’m not going to outline them all for you, but I am going to let you in on one.

52 Books

In 2009 I developed somewhat of a habit, an addiction if you will to books. I’ve always enjoyed reading ever since my mother shackled me at age 9 and forced me to read the entire OZ series by L. Frank Baum. I did so with great reluctance and in the end found myself a reader and more creative in general.

I think that might have been when I first had an inkling that I wanted to be a writer. It’s been a long road these 31 years.

That aside, my point is in 2009 I became addicted to buying books. Something I’m sure reflected the fact I was hanging around with a lot more writers. Unfortunately, all these books did not get read. Many got started, but not finished. Some that were set aside for no other reason than I had bought another book. A couple to be honest because they weren’t really that good.

So here it is 2010 and I have at least a couple dozen books from 2009 that still need to be read, from King’s UNDER THE DOME to my friend Seth Harwood’s JACK WAKES UP. Horror, Thrillers, Crime fiction and more. Oh the adventures I missed.

And there are a several books in 2010 that I know I’ll be getting, like Jonathan Maberry’s THE DRAGON FACTORY, Scott Sigler’s ANCESTOR and another good pal’s, James Melzer, debut THE ZOMBIE CHRONICLES: ESCAPE.

So the one goal for 2010 that I’m going to let you in on is I’m going to read one book a week till the end of the year. That’s a whopping 52 books. Sure child’s play for some, but hey, I do need to write at least one book of my own. Right?

Since I’m going to jump at this, who wants to join me? Let’s up the nation average.

2010, let’s DO IT!