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52Books: Mystic River by Dennis Lehane

I had toyed with reading Mystic River before, since watching the adaptation by Clint Eastwood staring Sean Penn, Kevin Bacon and Tim Robbins. It was a wonderful movie, well acted, the characters full and vivid on the screen. A compelling story and I’ve enjoyed it many times over. And that’s the crux of why until now, I haven’t read Mystic River. I’d already seen and enjoyed the movie. I wasn’t even sure what kind of writer Lehane was.

Then I read Shutter Island and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I may never write a “review” about Shutter Island, but it left an indelible mark. I had to try more. I’m glad I did.

Set in East Buckingham along the shore of the Mystic River, Lehane tells the story of three unlikely childhood friends: Jimmy, Sean and Dave who are torn apart as children and then again reunited as adults by tragedy.