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A Titan they say…

So today I was interviewed over on the Flash Fiction Offensive by Joe Clifford, he’s like my carbon copy over at FFO except handsome and really-really fit, also a likeable and fast growing friend. Really, he sprouted practically overnight with little maintenance. Best kind of friend aside from the inflatable closet Cloe who’s always there for you in a pinch… though I’m not sure pinch is the applicable word?

He called me a titan and then I answered a whole bunch of questions. Well, not a whole bunch. Joe promised a bunch of questions but I got to rambling and he cut me off at five. In those five questions I talk about the give and take of our crime writing microcosm, then jumped over and explained how social media is expanding that microcosm, next was a history lesson that uncovered that Shotgun Honey is in fact the inbred second cousin bastard child of Out of the Gutter, Both Barrels was mentioned and I explained how I jumped the gun, and finally it got personal, revealing my future projects that assuredly doomed now that they are out in the world.

All and all, I globbed up all the attention like toast plunged into a thick bowl of beef stew. And Joe called me a titan. So does that mean I’m going to be cast out, locked away because I’m too powerful?

I do want to thank Joe who has been gracious beyond words, and that does not end with inviting me to play in his playground. It’s appreciated. Though between you and me, I’m no titan, I’m just standing on the solid shoulders of those who came before me.