Daniel B. O’Shea – Tornado Relief Challenge – Treading Water

This week over at Dan O’Shea’s GOING BALLISTIC blog, he challenged his friends and readers to write a bit of flash fiction. To motivate the writers and help out the Red Cross, and the many devastated by the violent weather, heavy rains and tornadoes that have swathed through the South, Dan being the big man he is will donate $5 for each entry.

How could I not contribute. The restrictions on the story were that it relate to rain and that it be 1k or less in word count. I got the rain, but oops, I went over the word count a little. Sue me.

Hope you enjoy the story. Be sure to read the stories by the others who want to see Dan separated from his hard earned money (for a good cause).

Link – http://ronearl.com/fiction/treading-water/