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Have to love waking up in the morning and finding your website is gone. Bamf! Disappeared just like Nightcrawler. I know I looked at it last night? I started to write a story for Flash Fiction Friday. But that was before noon or somewhere around there. So what happened?

A real mystery. The entire file structure was gone?


First thing’s first. Create the public folder and install WordPress again. Cross fingers that the database is still intact. It is! Yes.

Reinstalled, but all my plugins and themes are gone. Have a lot backed up local, wasn’t that a bit of luck. Nothing from this week. Joy!

So a couple hours, the majority of the content is back. None of my images. Totally fubar. Lost to the ether. Fuck.

Oh, well. How could this have happened? Did someone hack my site? No, though it probably wouldn’t be hard… What did I do yesterday?

Ah yes, something totally out of my normal behavior. I used the 1-Click function to set up a blog for a future project. Usually I’m a 100% on hands, do it manually. But I was at work, and I can’t access my server’s shell because of the firewall. I’m bored and impatient. So might as well.

Huh? Must have been bored before. I have an installation for a site I’m not currently using. Delete installation? Sure, why not?


It’s really taking a long time for a site I really didn’t do any work on? Weird?

Oh well, 1-Click install for new mums-the-word project. Hmmm… seems stalled?

Ah, got to get back to work work. I’ll do this later.

This morning. WTF? Where’d my fucking site go? FTP in? No won’t work. Check other websites. Shotgun Honey? There! Flash Fiction Friday? There! Wife’s site? There! Client demos? There! An obvious trend. Fubar!

What did I do? How’d my site get deleted? Deleted? I wonder? Oh yeah, I was parking that unused site on until I had time to work on it. So of course it’d follow the file path redirect and delete everything…