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Unearthed, Potential

I haven’t been keeping up with NaNoWriMo like I wanted. As soon as I took a day off, my “plan” went all to heck. It’s been a challenge to catch up and keep up. I should be able to hit the 50k by day 30. Fingers crossed.

Even though I’ve been writing I decided not to post the story any longer. Partly because it’s no longer sequential. I’ve ended up writing scenes that I want to use in the final book as they come to me, not necessarily following any order or pattern. Definitely not linear and posting as I write would only confuse any potential readers. I guess that’s what I get for not having the outline done before Day one of the project.

Also it’s possible this is going to end up being more than one book. I always knew the story would be open ended at the end. Not because I wanted to do a sequel, but as a writer I like leaving the reader with a thread to wonder about. Something that lets them speculate and possibly build their own conclusions.

This has been my best NaNoWriMo yet. Perhaps after 40 years, I’ve finally matured or maybe realized that — yes — I can write on a schedule.

As we close in on the New Year — yet another — I’ve got plans to finish and make public UNEARTHED and my previous novel in progress TERMINAL.

Thank you for the continued support.