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F3 Until Again and Meanderings

I have a lot of kettles, personal and professional, to watch right now, but this last week Thomas Pluck joined the crew of Flash Fiction Friday as the Week 3 moderator and came up with a dandy of a prompt. There was an eloquent introduction to the prompt, but the balls of it was write about the old man in the picture above.

I went back and forth, because the story that came to mind — which could have been a bigger story, better told — isn’t in my usual wheelhouse as they say. I may go back and rewrite/edit it for submission somewhere. I think it’s got legs.

Read “Until Again.”

As for writing, I’m at a crossroads. In late winter I had a very clear idea of what I was going to do in preparation for my weekend at BoucherCon 2011. Have a finished draft of DIMES FOR DYING or ONE WITH A GUN. Then life got a little wonky in April, leaving me with little time to focus on the larger projects. Just bits and pieces. Doubtful of a finished product, at least in terms of finding an agent.

Shotgun Honey continues to do surprisingly well. Enjoying the submissions from all the great talent. I have some favorite new writers now. We’ll be running an interview series over there soon on the off Tuesday or Thursday.

Next week I’m going to announce a writing contest. You’ll get roughly a month to complete. The prize will be a copy of Frank Bill’s CRIMES IN SOUTHERN INDIANA. A book of short stories from the darker side of rural Indiana. I can’t recommend it more, but I will. You don’t have to wait until the contest, go ahead and pre-order a copy today.