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Addicted to Flash

Tap, tap, tap.

Clears throat.

Hello, I like flash fiction.

Kind of sounds like a testimony. That I’m standing behind the podium of a Friends of Bill meeting. Confessing to clear my soul. To open up and ask for forgiveness. Find salvation. Can I get an ‘Amen’ up in here?

It’s OK, flash fiction isn’t an addiction. If you don’t know what it is — well simply, flash fiction is any fiction that generally falls below 1000 words. Some may push that depending on the source and the need. At the end of the day, flash fiction is short short fiction.

It is fast. It is succinct. It is direct and to the point. Short and sweet.

Some think, because it’s short, it is a lesser format. That somehow akin to an abridged story. That it’s not quite a story. That the reader is being cheated somehow.

If written well, by someone who cares about the craft of story telling and an understanding how to economize words, well, honestly it can be just as powerful.

Personally, I’ve invested a lot of time in flash fiction during the last 12 months since discovering the format. Before May of last year, I didn’t know of such a beast. That there are hundreds, if not thousands, of writers putting out, creating these short short stories. Especially in my favorite genre, Crime.

But I did discover flash fiction. Sites like A Twist of Noir and Thrillers, Killers ‘n Chillers or Flash Fiction Offensive and Shotgun Honey.

Shotgun Honey, of course is one of my investments of time, signing on with Kent Gowran as an editor.

Another large investment, to promote the format is the weekly story prompt site, Flash Fiction Friday. An homage to Friday Flash Fiction and Cormac Brown.

And of course I’ve contributed a few of my own stories, most of which are available on this site.

I am not alone.

Far from it. Taking any of the links included in this post you can hopscotch for hours reading story after delectable story. Nice edible bites that you can string on for weeks.

If by chance you twitter, you tweet. Every Friday you can find dozens of writers pimping their fiction under the hashtag #fridayflash.

Yes, I like flash, and I bet you — if you try — you will too.