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After these messages …

If you’ve been following me during my crush through the NaNoWriMo experience, you might have noticed I didn’t update yesterday. I know that makes me a bad NaNoWriMo writer. Horrible for stalling out at 10k+ words.

Yesterday was a hectic day. Usually I have time in the work day to wind down, take a brake, let my brain cool down and relax. I’m a programmer and web developer, most days entail working out coding issues or update previous code. Yesterday I hit a loop in logic and just kept at it until I was mentally drained. On top of that, I haven’t had the best of sleep lately.

After work, all I wanted to do was crash. And that’s what I did after dinner and vegging with some TiVo’d Venture Brothers.

Today I’m rested. I could knock out a couple thousand words or so, but — yes, always a but — today I had lunch with a college buddy and tonight I’m going to celebrate my grandfather’s 94th birthday. With alcohol to compensate for all the yelling he’s going to do because we’re celebrating how old he’s gotten. I’m of two camps here when it comes to birthdays. You can hold them in reverence, especially upon hitting certain milestones, which after a certain age is any that you manage to live through. Or you can just go with the flow and ignore them because somewhere in the middle it doesn’t really matter if you’ve lived 24 or 42 years. Getting belligerently upset really shouldn’t fall into play. I’m a celebrate and hold them in reverence kind of guy. If I live to 94, I’m going to dance with my artificial body parts like it’s 1999.

I hope he doesn’t tear us all new assholes, but he probably will. The man is remarkably healthy for his age. He worked as a lawyer until 85 and didn’t stop playing tennis until he was about 89. I can’t even run up the stairs without getting winded.

Tomorrow I should be back to the grind. Goal is to have 20k by Monday. Two fifths of the way. Then I’ll decide whether to step back to 2k a day or keep on rolling the fast track.

Thanks for the support, and if you want, you can wish my old codger of  grandfather a happy birthday. Silently. You don’t want him to find out.