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Covers for Cat (Kitten)

Life’s a funny thing. You make plans that either get delayed or rushed because events happen, rarely–at least for me–do they ever play out as planned.

Since November I’ve been laying out a business plan that would allow me to start a side business in order to enhance my families’ income, prepare us for our daughters education, make much needed upgrades to the home, and try to give us some semblance of stability. My services, web and graphic design. I’ve done both in the past as a contractor for nearly a decade, and the day job is as a web developer for small news media organization.

The plan was to roll out REPO Book Company in April and solicit customers with a shiny new website and a full outline of services. As you can garner from the company name my services are to be offered in general to the book market, specifically authors and small press publishers. Even had the slogan in mind, Reclaim Your Book.

That was the plan, but life had other ideas.

We were given Devlin for Christmas. He’s a bengal cat mix, and the most active, rambunctious kitten I’ve ever owned. Looking at him running around, dragging his toys all over, attacking our other three cats, you’d never guess that he has a life threatening condition, a congenital defect, called pectus excavatum or funnel chest. As he grows because of this condition his heart and lungs can become compressed leading to failure, death. Essentially they run out of room to function. It’s repairable and the surgery is highly successful, unfortunately it’s not a common procedure and will have to be done by specialist or university. Neither of which are available nearby.

I don’t have many outlets for earning extra cash outside my regular skill set, so I’m flipping on the switch for REPO Book Company for a limited time to offer digital cover design starting at $50 + donation. Final cost will vary on a case-by-case basis.

If you are interested please leave a comment and I will respond to your email.