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Crystal Tears (poem)

Okay, not all my poems are dark, brooding or even from the 80s. Honest.

This one is a bit personal, but then again that’s the nature of poetry. This was probably around 1992 maybe 93. I think you’ll get who the sentiment is for.

Crystal Tears

What are those crystal tears,
Streaming from your eyes?

Are they sorrows and regret?
I do not know why you cry.
Perhaps they are confusion,
A mixture of happiness,
With the sting of inner pain?

Do I make you cry?
I do not mean to see you sad.
And the tears they cut at me
Like foreign blades
That no man has ever felt.

I feel your pain and anguish,
As though they were my own.
But I also feel your smiles,
And your little grins.
They feel like tickles to me.

Your happiness runs over me
With tiny little feet of joy.
Making me want to hug you,
And never ever let you go.
You are all of my emotions.

The crystal tears
That stream from your within your eyes,
And the smiles
That shine from within your heart,
I feel all of these things.

But I don’t know why I do.
I can only ask:

What are these crystal tears streaming from my eyes?

So yes, I’m a sentimental softy. I love my wife and that hasn’t changed in our 16 years of marriage. Sometimes it’s just a little harder to show just how much I feel everything she feels. If I had the world, I would give it to her without question or regret. Pretty sappy for a future SciFi Horror novelist.