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FCBD Giveaway – Klik Boom: Exterminators

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Once upon a time I was an aspiring comic book writer. Aw heck, if given the chance I’d jump right back into that game. I love comic art. I love the unity of stories told with art, especially sequential art. So though I’m not the avid buyer I once was, I continue to enjoy reading and encourage people to read comics. I’d probably read more if it wasn’t for my location. Comics shops really petered out after the Bust of the late 90s. Kind of sucks. There’s online and trades at the local book stores. So I guess that’s good.

So a few years ago I wrote a series of comic shorts featuring Klik and Boom, two former mobsters whose bodies, through divinity of misfortune, were turned into blue gellotin and now are pest exterminators. Former tough guys, now Jello, what can I say? I thought it was funny.

[singlepic id=2 w=150 h=225 float=right]Two of the shorts were completed and published in Digital Webbing Presents, a comic anthology produce by Digital Webbing. First with art by Ryan Ottley (Invincible) and second with art by Travis Sengaus (Adventures of Spawn). Both guys were great to work with and I think it all turned out pretty fun.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, because I’m giving away copies of Digital Webbing Presents issue #20 and #29 to the first 10 people (US and Canada only) who contact me via direct message on twitter. Be sure to give me your real name and address and late next week I’ll ship you out copies of those two issues. Don’t worry, I’m not selling your name to some nationwide mailer, rather in the spirit of Free Comic Book Day.

I hope you guys had a good day at your local comic book store (LCBS) and are sure to buy a couple books while you’re there.

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