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Holiday Havok, New Years to All and Happy B-day to me

Hey all, how was your holiday?

Mine was odd and busy. Things change, dynamics change. Nothing like it was as a kid. I guess that happens when you grow up.

We got a new kitten, a part-Bengal Cat terror we call Devlin. He is a constant source of entertainment, except when he decides your leg or arm is the toy he wants to play with. His transition with the older cats has been better than we expect. They tolerate him at least, and they’re getting a little more exercise when they become his next toy.

The New Year was no big shakes. Diner alone with my Granddad. Kelly had to work, and Kassy was off at the Farm with my Mother. I cooked a rack of lamb with couscous and a vegetable medley. I’ve become a better cook since my Mother got cancer, moving out to care for herself, and I’ve become his evening caregiver most nights. It’s been a team effort. But sitting alone with my 96 year old Granddad was a little different from New Years gone by. Things change.

My daughter, Kassy, turned 18 on the 4th. How did that happen? Eventually she’ll act 18, eventually. We did finally have a big family meal on Saturday as my Mom made us, Kassy and I, dinner for our birthdays. Yep, I had a birthday too, winding away at the death clock. 43 for me. How did that happen? It was a nice prime roast with polenta and vegetables. A really good meal with family. I miss that.

I want to thank everyone for the many birthday wishes on Twitter and Facebook. Makes those 43 years worth it, having so many well wishes. It wasn’t a bad 43rd birthday — I did manage to catch a cold — it could have been better.

I want to give Glenn Gray a big shout out for the unexpected, though solicited as a lark, gifts of various eBooks I had been remiss of getting this year. A gift of books in my house will always welcomed.

My wife gifted me with SATAN IS REAL: THE BALLAD OF THE LOUVIN BROTHERS by Charlie Louvin with (my buddy) Benjamin Whitmer. It’s a biography, which I don’t read often, the last being AMERICAN REBEL: THE LIFE OF CLINT EASTWOOD. Plan to crack that open this weekend.

I thought about rambling on a bit more, but I guess it can wait for another day.

Happy New Years to all, and I hope you all had a great holiday season.

Type at you later.