I Read You: Matthew J McBride

What would you do to pursue your passion? To fulfill your dream? To follow the voice in your head?

Well, most people would have to seek help. Voices in your head aren’t always a good thing — depending on what head you meant, you might need to see a urologist. Of course most guys think with that head anyway …

Voices aside, a lot of people would say whatever it takes. And most of those would say it but never follow through.

Matthew J. McBride, who I affectionately call the Missouri Wrecking Ball or the Missouri Mayhem Machine, quit his job, leaving behind potential income that nearly doubles what I make. Not sure if that’s saying a lot, but most wouldn’t turn down a good income even if it was back breaking and soul crushing. Not in today’s economy.

Matt did. And he sat himself down in front of his keyboard and did what writers are supposed to do. He wrote and wrote. And if you’ve read his short story work, you’ll know he likes shotguns, violence and more violence. But his words sing and you can see the substantial growth as his stories popped up from one crimezine to the next.

It was a pleasure to have published “Shotgun Waltz”, a small story that is part of larger series of related stories, over at Shotgun Honey. I hope to someday read it in its entirety.

We have been just the latest stop for Matt. His stories have appeared in Plots With Guns, Crimefactory, NEEDLE, A Twist Of Noir, The Flash Fiction Offensive, Darkest Before The Dawn, Powder Burn Flash, Thrillers, Killers ‘n’ Chillers, Deer & Deer Hunting, Yellow Mama, Shotgun Honey, & CrimeSpree Magazine.

Even with all the productive short stories, you don’t really think he spent that year writing just that? No, not at all.

Today readers got a chance to buy Matt’s first book, FRANK SINATRA IN A BLENDER. Referred to as “Elmore Leonard on meth” … really, between the title and the quote, do you really need to know more.

Take the time and find Matt’s short stories on the sites above. Then or maybe before go and buy FRANK SINATRA IN A BLENDER. It’s priced at an ironic and angelic $7.77. Yes, I know that’s a bit more than other eBooks you can find on Amazon, but 50% of the proceeds go to charity which is made possible by Concord ePress.

I read Matthew J. McBride and so should you.