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Killing Hope and other maladies

I should just start off by thanking Christopher Grant, the editor of A Twist of Noir, for letting me participate in his 600-700 spot/word challenge. I hadn’t any stories out there prior, and “Killing Hope” is my second accepted story, third published. So Grant and ATON are the bee’s knees around these here parts.

I wrote “Killing Hope” about 6 or 7 months ago, though I had promised to write it much sooner. The initial idea came about during an episode of IN TREATMENT staring Gabriel Byrne with Hope Davis as a recurring and possible love interest. I’m not a regular watcher, but enough to get the gist. So I’m watching Byrne and Davis debate about parenting, he obviously has feelings for her character and I can’t stop thinking wouldn’t it be great if he just got up from his chair and killed her?

Yeah, it’s not that kind of show. I just don’t like Hope as an actress. She tends have one character and that’s about it. As I recall she was seeing her psychiatrist in MUMFORD. Mumford didn’t kill her either.

So the idea formed about about someone who is obsessed with Hope Davis, someone who knew her before she was a star and feels connected to her, and then the story would lead to a truly dark place.

Funny thing, “Killing Hope” became something different.

Go read it: “Killing Hope”

If you haven’t read “Fish Stew”, which published over at ATON on December 13, 2010, read that one too.

I wish I lived in the UK.

What? Yeah, that’s a funny segue. But I would love if television were to become more global. Thanks to BBCAmerica I now get to watch DOCTOR WHO on time. I wasn’t sure I was going to like Matt Smith, but despite his youth he really seems to grasp the character and has done a bang up job with his generation. And Karen Gillan is easy on the eyes.

Through Netflix I discovered LUTHER, well that’s a lie, I saw the ads for season one on BBCA last spring, but missed the shows when they aired. So Netflix caught me up with a fantastic 6 episodes of series one. I loved the dynamic between Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson. Isn’t Wilson delectably sinister as Alice?

Just as I finished series 1, they aired series 2 on BBCOne, which I don’t have. Which is why I wish I lived in the UK or they had a global delivery system. They really need to go global! What other great TV series have I been missing?

If you can  watch LUTHER on Netflix, I recommend it. Great show, wonderful cast.

Here in the States it’s Independence weekend, so those of you who are celebrating have a great 4th of July.