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Level 26: The Digi-Novel

I just read a novel by J. C. Hutchins called PERSONAL EFFECTS: DARK ART. It was dubbed a transmedia novel and essentially not only came with bundled with physical clues, but clues to uncover through phone numbers and website references through out the book. It was a great read and a fascinating way to expand the experience of the story.

Another writer I follow who write crime fiction and comic books, Duane Swierczynski, is involved in something similar. LEVEL 26: DARK ORIGIN is the first of at least 3 books coming out over the next 3 years. These books, conceived by CSI creator Anthony E. Zuiker, canvas the serial killer known as Sweegle or the “Level 26 Killer” who leaves no forensic evidence. Pretty cool to take Zuiker’s bread and butter and turn it around.

Like PERSONAL EFFECTS: DARK ART, the series, dubbing itself a “digi-novel,” will have clues leading back to the website where you can register to see related material. Given the extensive trailer I’m going to guess they will be short webisodes reinacting scenes pertaining or within the book.

I enjoyed the transmedia experience of J. C. Hutchins’ book so I’m on board to check out the first volume of LEVEL 26 and see how the experience is broadened. I hope to be pleased.

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