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Love (poem)

Come on everybody, show me your back back for throwback Thursday.  Amazingly, I still have poems to rummage through in my vault of horror. This week is one that was published in 1987 in “Listen: A Book of Poetry and Prose.” That was a publication put out by my alma mater, George Washington High School.

It’s sappy, and I really really wish that wordpress handled formatting better.


Love is a dove
flying high
above the bountiful
blue sky
freely, as enchanted
by Emotion

Love is a Tiger
fierce and cruel,
hunting for
someone to destroy
when that love
isn’t true.

I know, it’s not that good. But it was published. Ooo, amazing. Coming soon to a close of “throwback thursdays.” As I told one of my twitter pals, I’ve lost more writing over the years in comparison to what I’ve managed to keep.