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Luka II (Poem)

This poem was inspired by the song “My Name is Luka” by Suzanne Vega. So that puts it somewhere in or after 1987. At the time my Mom was working in the Child Protective Services and that was probably a bit of influence as well. If you are familiar with the song, you know it’s about child abuse.

Luka II

It seems I’m clumbsy,
I fall down a lot.
Maybe … I’m insane.
My eyes are black,
And my cheek is cut.
Don’t worry …
There’s no pain.
My parents love me,
It’s the truth.
Just maybe … I’m sick.
I love my parents,
They’re kind to me
And our blood is thick.

I’m trapped and afraid
At night, praying
For dawn, a ray of light.
So much pain and hate,
I don’t understand.
Why do they hit me?
Why do I lie?
I love my parents
During the day.

The pain gets worse
On the outside and the in.
Sometimes I want
To just runaway
From the hate, and find
A certain peace.
I feel old
But yet … I’m so young.
I just don’t understand.
Don’t worry
I’ll make it through
The night.
By the way my name
Is Luka.

I hope this didn’t upset you too much, or possibly make you cry. I know it’s a hard subject and many parents skirt the line between abuse and parental control, whether real or perceived. But after writing this I need to hug my daughter. She’s such a sweet heart when she’d not being a poop. Hug your kids. I bet they hug you back.