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NaNoWriMo 2009 – Day 4

The body count is growing. Both for the dead and the undead. Call me a murderer. I love killing. I’m 4 for 4.

Quite tired this morning, so I skipped my usual 600-700 hundred word session. If I’m going to maintain this pace I’m going to have to sleep. Had had about 5 hours last night. Sure that might be enough for some of you, but I need my beauty sleep.

I managed to pour out 600+ words during a 30 minute run at lunch. The remainder was excised from my exhausted body over about 2 hours, with a dinner break of chili and cheese, with a side of Destination Truth. That’s a funny show.

The total is what you want, so here you go.

Today: 2708
Total: 10462

I appreciate the support from my favorite forums (DigitalWebbing, PermutedPress and Brian Keene), as well as my twitter pals and of course my family.

I think this is the most I’ve written in several months.

If  you want to read what I’ve done so far, click on Unearthed in the sidebar.