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Nemesis (Poem)

Wow. So I missed last week’s Throwback Thursday. Fear not, the well hasn’t dried up. No my wife was travelling and things were exactly smooth going, so I was a bit worried and distracted. So to the 2 of you that look forward to these throwbacks to my youth in writing, I apologize.

This week’s poem is a little more recent than the gloomy 80s poems I’d been posting. It came from the 90s. I’m guessing this was probably written about 1995. What kind of poem it is, I don’t know. But with the popularity of the Twilight  and Sookie Stackhouse books I thought I’d let this one out into the light again.


He lifted his crimson face
from a pool of hot liquid death.
Looking out over the horizon
further than living eyes could see.
Anger welling.
It was his great oppressor,
His nemesis … the Sun.

A heralding god of light
beaming to a world anew.
Shining with life energy
fears born away and made free.
Fully laughing.
Come to destroy the darkness,
The evil … that is he.

Ageless eyes glared across
the waking of the morning Earth.
Moving fearlessly foward
engulfing his own dark world.
All consuming.
To devour him and all the evil,
He hates … and he fears.

In mornings past of deadly dawns
he would have feared and ran away.
Defying means brimstone death,
but seething hate will not be furled.
Finally living.
So for the burning dawn he waits,
His nemesis … the Sun.

I’ve always been kind of proud of that one. Maybe it’s not great but it’s one I’m never ashamed to show off.