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Rebirth of My Soul (poem)

Today is National Poetry Day. Also it’s Thursday. And sadly today was also the memorial of my childhood friend’s father, Donald C. Best. I didn’t know Mr. Best well, but I hung out at his house plenty during my grade school years. They had the best basement with model trains and race cars, everything a yong boy would want. He was a good man, friendly and helpful. My memories of him are all positive.

At the memorial Brent, my friend, gave a eulogy and it brought back so many good memories or as Brent said, “build new memories.” It put me in mind of a poem I wrote after the death of my great grandmother. In death we are reminded of life.

Rebirth of My Soul

I stood within
A graveyard,
Looking upon my
Ancient dead,
Then did a tear
of sorrow
Fall upon my cheek,
And the light
Of my soul began
To dwell within
The darkness
Of the dead.

It was then,
At that moment,
I realized that I
Was drowning
In that Mysterious
Then I tried
So desperately
To pull away
from this sinking
Thinking of
And love.
Though none did
Help to any avail.

At the moment
I had thought all
Hope was lost,
Did a child
Wander to my side
And say,
“Something matter?”

Little did he know
He had given me
A renewal of hope.
For in his face
I saw the innocence
Of a young life.
Life! The beginning,
A birth of a child.
From that moment on,
Whenever I felt
The darkness
Encompass my soul,
I would remind
Myself that somewhere
A child was being born.
Bringing new hope
To the world
And to Me.

We can’t bring back our lost family and friends but we can live on with our kids, those who we can pass on our memories to.

I hope as Brent suggested, Mr. Best is playing his best game on the back nine, eye the fish swimming in water trap thinking it might make a good afternoon of fishing.

So I hope you enjoyed one last Throwback Thursday.