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Reflection of Attitudes

Well folks, this is the last Throwback Thursday. No more, unless I find another stash of lost works. So I guess I can’t say never, but pretty close.

There are other poems, but most that are left are derivative of the ones I posted.

Tonight’s poem started out as a homage to Walt Witman’s “Song of Myself” and then it took a detour. This is also a published piece, or so I was told. My mother had taken it to work and a co-worker liked enough that she asked if she could put it in her newsletter for the local chapter of the NAACP. I was flattered obviously. Pretty fly for a white guy.

Reflection of Attitudes

I sing a song
Of attitudes.
All of which
Are reflections
Of Myself

I wisher our World
Was free of color.
So my eyes
Would not allude
To the differences
Of another being.
And I could see
What would be

In truth there may
Be a purity.
One that shall
Not offend.
A thruth that
May reunite,
The fact that we are
NOT Black and White,
Or even Purple.
But all human beings.
We are MAN.

Among the towering
And the tiniest bits,
There is an Intelligent
And Civilized
Known to all
As the might MAN.
Civilized again
May I add.
Their Intellect so grand,
They have perfected all,
Including the ancient art

To the eyes of the
Grim Reaper
and that of GOD,
We are all the same
And shall follow the
Same exact FATE.
We shall not be Remembered.
Our deeds are forgotten.
So why I ask
Live in hatred instead of

In the middle there, it went kind of perpendicular, didn’t it? Went one way and veered way off.

I hope this was at least deserving of being my last Throwback Thursday. I’m going to try to play it low key for about a month while I prepare for NaNoWriMo 2009. When I return it will be daily madness as I will post daily efforts for NaNoWriMo. Maybe this year I’ll win?

See you soon.