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The art of Sigler social media

I didn’t study marketing in college. I haven’t read books, magazines or blogs on the subject, at least not to any extent that I would call myself an expert. However, I think I know good marketing when I see it. Why? Because I’m compelled as a consumer to buy the product I’ve just been sold.

And what have I just been sold? New York Times author Scott Sigler’s self published novel THE ROOKIE.

Now the fact I bought a Scott Sigler book isn’t a big surprise. I like Scott. He’s an inspiration. I hope that I grow up to be like Scott. I’ve already got the dome. I just need to grow a full face of stubble and shrink a foot (kidding). What I admire the most about Scott, despite his Napoleonic tendencies, is that the man knows who is and how to sell himself. This is the key to marketing, if you believe in yourself, people will believe in you.

That should be my mantra … If you believe in yourself, people will believe in you.

One more time … oh, I digress. Back to THE ROOKIE.

THE ROOKIE is a book I just pre-ordered from Scott. It’s is also a book I’ve already “read.”

See Scott Sigler sold himself not to the Devil, though the jury is still out on that one, but to the Internet for a song. For the last 3-4 years Scott has been taking the reigns of his career and giving away his wonderful stories as serialized podcasts. A real innovator, that Scott. Amazingly, people responded, thousands of people responded. And 3 years after he started he had a deal with Crown Publishing and was on his way to being a New York Times bestseller.

See why he’s my inspiration?

So maybe I’m biased. Maybe it wasn’t marketing or the newest cool tool in the marketing handbag: social networking. But to be honest, I wasn’t going to buy THE ROOKIE today. I had resigned myself to not getting THE ROOKIE at all. If I bought all the books I ever wanted to buy, there wouldn’t be  a bookseller’s crisis. What did I do? I bought THE ROOKIE. How did it happen? I woke up.

Today everywhere I looked it felt like Scott Sigler’s friends and network were telling ME about the big event. On Twitter, on Facebook and in my email for god sake. Scott have you no shame? I even broke down and tweeted and incouraged my own friends to buy the book. I was hooked. I should have expected as much from such a fine fisherman as Scott Sigler.

Now this will tell you one of two things. One that Scott’s use of his social networking, especially Twitter, was successful in the pre-order of THE ROOKIE. Based on early reports, over a 10th of the overall run has been ordered in the first couple hours. I’d say that’s a success. The second thing you may gather is I’m a complete lemming, which I’d argue that I’m not right over the edge of that cliff.

Normally, I don’t buy into immediacy. I didn’t have it a minute ago, so I shouldn’t need it now, right? Yes, I’m sure I would have been perfectly fine. However, the urgency of the release date compounded by the positive movement within my own social networks and the admiration I have for what Scott Sigler has done compelled me to join the movement. To buy in and to buy now.

I did buy. Partly because I bought into the push, but primarily because I was already sold on the brand. Scott believes in himself and has marketed himself as a brand. That brand is brash, rude with a touch of arrogance. The product is always entertaining and as long as it is, I will buy.

It better be better than the origial Sigler.

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