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Spenser He Wrote: RIP Robert B. Parker

It was a bit of a shock this morning when I learned (via Sarah Weinman’s blog) that Robert B. Parker, writer of the popular Spenser and Jesse Stone series, had died.

As a reader I discovered Parker in the mid-eighties while in high school in large part to to the television series “Spenser for Hire” starring the late Robert Urich. I blame that series for the love of Spenser and Robert Urich, more so the latter. I enjoyed and read these books into my college years. Somewhere along the way I stopped, no real reason that I can think of. I guess we just grew apart.

Then television brought us together again. This time with Jesse Stone as played by Tom Selleck, who I also enjoy. I’m giving away too many man crushes for this post, but then again Parker wrote tough, albeit imperfect, heroes that you couldn’t help but admire or in some fantasy emulate.

So sitting on my reading stack are several Jesse Stone novels I bought last year, that I had given to my grandfather, 94 years young, to read. He enjoyed them and sadly there will only be one more book hand off to him later this year.

I read that Mr. Parker died at his desk which, as a writer, I find a wonderful ending.