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The Fruits of War (poem)

I found a few more of my lost gems. Many of the poems seem redundant, I guess that’s the phase I was in. Common themes back in the late 80’s, towards the end of my high school career on the precipice of adulthood, mostly dealing with war, annihilation, racism, hate and an occassional possitive piece.

I don’t think I need to give this one much introduction or explaination. It’s about War, what is it good for?

Welcome back to Throwback Thursday.

The Fruits of War
May 27, 1987

The ember’s light
Is burning golden bright,
Throughout the dark and silent night,
A restless heart pounding apart,
With eyes full of tears,
For wasteful years

Wake to a dawn of lies
Hearing little children’s cries,
Whose mothers bathe in dark read dyes.
Soldiers stand with guns in hand,
With shameful faces,
Of far off places.

There lie dying sons
Armed with deadly guns,
Suffering from the burning runs.
A tolling bell for the growing hell,
Calling for the restless dead
To their final bed.

I hope you enjoyed. I like the particular rhythm of this poem, and agree still with the theme.