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The One Where I Lie To You

I’m starting off this post with a lie. If you check the date, it says I posted this on May 26, 2011 at 11:45 am. That is assuredly a lie. I didn’t get a chance write my Thursday post. So that makes me a double liar, but if I look back I’m pretty habitual about lying. My pants are definitely on fire.

I told you on Sunday I was going to post daily. I lied. Or at least I didn’t have the foresight to see this week would go to bollocks. Whatever, bollocks is. My boss is off this week, so that makes me the boss. It shifts his responsibilities to me and thereby all the busy work that he gets stuck with is my work. Ain’t that grand? I should be paid an extra grand for doing it. But I’m a salary schmuck so 0 hours or 80 hours, I get paid the same. I guess it should make me appreciate my boss more, which I already do. He’s a good boss.

On top of that, I was given a project, outside of work, that I found out needs to be done by Monday. Joy. Money for my vacation, so good. Maybe a new water heater. I love being a homeowner.

Despite that, these extra duties, these things  really had no bearing on why I didn’t post yesterday. Just an excuse. Most times making an excuse is just that. An excuse that really covers up the lie.

I’m habitual.

And habitual is the key. To the point I’m about to make. Really, you’ll see.

There are very few people who can achieve any goal by flying by the seat of their pants. By living their life so existentially that they make no plans. Yes, wonderful things can come from unexpected events. Like finding out I was going to be a father at 24, even though we had a 5 year plan. Random is part of our lives, but not part of our plans.

Routine is a necessary achievement tool. You hear this advice a lot for writers, especially those of us who have a day job, pick a time of day, everyday, and write. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 words or 500. By creating a routine, developing a pattern, you will accumulate those words until they fulfill your goal, which is the story.

Writing a daily blog is the same. I haven’t figured out my routine yet, to be honest, for either the blog or my writing.

Until I do, I can either lie about what I’m producing or start owning up to the fact I need a routine. I need to make it a habit.

There won’t be any post for Today, because I just posted this Thursday 11:45 am post on Friday 8:00 am.