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Heart of Town (poem)

“Heart of Town” was written somewhere between 1988-1989. No date on the print out, but those were the years I was most productive. This poem is somewhat sing-songy, though like most of my poems kind of dark, a bit brooding, and a bit naive. Some of the rhyme and rhythm is forced. I chose this poem because today while I was walking during lunch through town it came back to me. Reference to “snow” is pretty dated. I guess if I were writing it today, I’d have to use crystal instead.

Heart of Town

Walking down
In the Heart of Town
Looking for lost dreams
That are never found.
Looking for a piece of mind,
Or possibly,
A memory left behind.
All I see are the shadow of tears
In the past of my
Long forgotten years.

I see it all
In the Heart of Town
A place where corruption
Is always found.
Here the animals are wild,
Pay sacrifice,
On a virgin woman-child.
She’ll give a trick that is not funny,
As long as she
Can feel the touch of money.

Money is life
In the Heart of Town
It can make you or break you
Without a sound.
Here a man will kill,
Alone for money,
Or maybe for an idle thrill.
Your life may only be worth a dollar
If attacked
By a mad psychotic mauler

People are mad
In the Heart of Town
Because of the continual snow
That is often found.
Anytime of the year,
It is sold,
With a consistent lively fear.
To most the snow is an addiction,
To the peddlers
It’s a user’s prediction.

Someone lives
In the Heart of Town
To alleviated the tension and
Deception that is found.
To teach the Lords
Holy Words so
Men can cross the tiny fords.
And lending a hand to the homeless poor,
To deliver them
Unto the Father’s open door.

Walking down
In the Heart of Town
I can see both
The good and the bad that is found.
Finding a peace
And terror
Within this place of human release.
But I sense and opening of a door.
That will allow
An end to this silent war.

Well as always, let me know what you think. This one was so so for me.