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Final Thoughts (poem)

Excuse this bit of intro, but this is the first of many Throwback Thursdays I hope to do. Every Thursday I’m going to dig into my creative vault and republish some old work I’ve had locked away in a drawer. Maybe a short story, maybe a poem, maybe even some long lost art. Who knows until Thursday hits what I might post.

Today takes us back to September 2nd 1987. My senior year of highschool I had a very encouraging English teacher, Mrs. Smith, who discovered I liked to write poetry. The praise she would give fed my desire to create it and I carried on doing it for a while after I graduated. Many of the poems I wrote during this time were dark and socially oriented.

“Final Thoughts” was written after I graduated and I don’t think it needs much more introduction.

Final Thoughts

Silently a shadow
Sits upon a window sill
Lacking all shape
Or body
Mind and will.

It peered out
Among the world
That had become
A blazing Pyre.
That had started
From the minds of man
A radioactive
Nuclear fire.

These fires waved
And flickered
During high-noon’s
Darkening hour.
While many
Of the living
Began to question
God’s almighty power.

Dying children sit
In the mist of the fallout
Where they once
Had often played.
There they suffer
From an unreasonable war,
That ancient men
Long ago had made.

And there sits
A shadow
Where a man
Had stood one day.
The humans,
As will the shadow,
Shall someday
Silently fade away.

Hopefully that wasn’t too painful. Look forward to your comments and your return next Thursday for something from my past.