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Untitled (poem)

I had been working in my mind all week on a poem I felt I needed to write. I know I have all the parts but as I tried to put it to words, I couldn’t get the pieces to fit. So I will have to wait to post that poem another day.

I was going to let this weeks Throwback Thursday pass, but I was urged otherwise. I said today’s poem was going to be special, so I found something special. Well at least something interactive in that this poem from my past is untitled. So after you read it, I want you to tell me what you think the title should be.


I sat alone to myself,
As I was drowning
In a deep depression
That pulled heavily
Upon my already
Weighted soul.
I was searching
Through the meandering
Coils of my mind
For a solution
To my state.
Though all I could find
Was a darkened
Leading to what seemed
Then out of the
Mist of my mind
There appeared a door.
It’s cracks shown
What looked to be
A light of hope
To this dominating

Now I was imbibed with
A rush of anxiety.
Should I trod forward
And journey through
This mysterious door?
What would I find upon
Those outer limits?
Suddenly, with a rushing heart
I brought myself
Upon the door, I flung it
Open, only to see
A clouded auditorium.
No? A grand theatre.

I peered across
The audience as they sat
Quietly in their seats.
They seemed like
Misted shadows within this
Shady hall.
Then came a thundering
Of drums
Across my mind,
Announcing the start of the show.

From above my minds
There rained a shower
Of lights
Down towards
A splendorous stage.
The stage shuddered
With delight as the curtains
Opened wide to show a
Single performer.

She stood quietly
And deathly still,
Like that of a
Statue carved by one
Most graceful in his skill.
Because she possessed
An immortal beauty
Upon that magnificent stage.

Then suddenly there came,
Filling the theatre
With sound,
A soothing
Orchestra, that was
Long to ancient
To my ear.

As the music had begun,
The performer had come
Vibrantly to life.
She danced across
That stage
With a finesse and
Graceful poise
That went unchallenged
By any man.
Now, when I was truly entranced
By her movement,
Felt my heart leap up
With a rushing joy

I had not felt
The full ecstasy
Of her performance
Until that moment
When she had started to sing.
It was then, that she had
Entrapped my heart
With a dazzlement of light
That had engulfed
The entire theatre.
Its color had changed
With her every emotion.
Now I felt uncontrolled
Within a new paradise
That she had created
Within my soul’s dimension.

Looking upon the
Stage once more,
I saw her standing
With arms outstretched.
Now I had begun to dance
Towards the shimmering
Stage, with a burst
Of life that I had never
Encountered before.
Then we embraced,
And the paradise
Had turned to mist.

I stood alone once more
And no longer felt
That deep depression,
But felt and unending peace.
I had felt true love.

OK, give me your best or your worst title for this poem. After writing it out again, I’ve got a name for it, but since I’m not the best judge of my own work I’ll just let you make that call. Just don’t stone me.