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The one where I get to sign a contract

A few months ago, I suppose I could look back and tell you the exact date, but really that’s just an exercise in exactness and I’m anything but organized or precise, I received one of the most flattering emails that a writer could receive, and remember, while I’ve written on an off for 20 odd […]

Twenty years is a long ride for Dewey Thompson

It would take me some time, effort, to write something as confoundedly interesting as some of the verbose ramblings of Rust Cohle from True Detective, but there are moments when I see my life like that crushed can of beer. Time is not only circular, but flat, that all the moments of our existence are […]

It’s a Big Adios

It wasn’t that long ago, all things considering, that with my best huckster smile I tried to sell you on a little fiction web magazine featuring some of the rootinest tootinest western shorts east of the Pecos: The Big Adios. I had some mighty ambitions of that growing in popularity alongside Shotgun Honey and much […]

Five Broken Winchesters from Zelmer Pulp

Zelmer Pulp is a handful of writers from around the globe who by fate or consequence have gravitated together to produce a series of genre collections. Their first two collections C’mon and Do the Apocalypse, a send off of the zombie horror genre, and Hey, That Robot Ate My Baby, a dastardly take on sci-fi, […]

Review: A Wind of Knives by Ed Kurtz

A few months ago, I had the great thrill to be offered to blurb a novella from Snubnose Press and I responded enthusiastically to the request. But in true fashion I put off reading the book and things entered and exited my limited consciousness. Shiny baubles. And before I knew it, 2 months had passed […]

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